When you think about rainwear, it’s probably not the most stylish image in your head – bright hillwalking jackets or something plastic with a print. Protected Species was set up to transform this area. By using waterproof fabric technology along with design, the all female team has produced a range of sleek, sophisticated, minimalist outerwear which is at home in the city but has the technical credentials for the mountain.

Versatility is the key word for the collection – you can wear them and take them anywhere. The Protected Species signature soft, luxurious high tech fabric is smart enough for the office (think Olivia Pope in the White Mac) but is so easy care and lightweight you can literally store them in your bag when the weather can’t decide what it’s doing. The designs are all classic and iconic, the core pieces – the mac and parka have been given a modern, minimalist, edge with laser cutting and clean lines. Every garment is packed full of design features that will keep you covered all year round with their breathable windproof and waterproof technology. They are made to blend in with your normal everyday wardrobe so there’s no need to worry about the weather, just throw on a great looking, effortless Protected Species jacket and you're ready to go.