When creating the second issue of our print magazine The Sett, we got together with Self-Shooting Director Louis Mackay to create some videos.  Louis is a London based fashion and commercial director, who has worked for lead brands in the UK and beyond, we spoke to him to find out more about his creative process.

First off, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in film and photography?

I was raised in the South West of England and have been in London for 6 years working in film and photography. I started out working in production for fashion photography, through this I learnt how to organise a photo/film shoot and started producing. After producing for a very close and talented friend, I started filming and with his help started my career.

How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it?

I simply try to create something beautiful with every shot I film, what’s unique about my work is the element of hyperlapse, such as the video’s I created for Wolf & Badger.

What is your biggest inspiration?

The creativity in my work is mainly inspired by the work of a close friend James Harford, who is constantly pushing what can be done with video and 3D motion graphics.

What are the benefits of films for fashion brands?

With a good video, a brand can connect with an audience that may previously have had no interest in them, and this in turn will increase their brand awareness.

When beginning a film project, what is your starting point?

If I’m working on a personal project I start by going through my ideas with the other members of the team that are involved to make the shoot happen and figure out how it's going to work. With clients it starts with a meeting to discuss the brief and usage of the video.

What other projects are you working on at the moment?

I’ve just finished a couple of Christmas video’s, one being a product advert. I’m about to go to South Africa filming for Spring/Summer 2015 and as soon as I’m back I have video billboard for a feature film to work on, then I’m done until the new year.

Of all the films you’ve made in your career so far, what is your favourite and why?

This is hard to answer as I’m always trying to create something better than my last video when I work, but in terms of my personal favourites it would be the video’s I made for Wolf & Badger. These video’s gave me opportunity to create start to finish hyperlapse video’s which are unique to any other product video’s I’ve ever seen.