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Veronica Tordi

Veronica Tordi is an Italian brand of feminine, elegant and bold customs jewelry. Her inspirations come from many different sources: A walk in the Italian countryside in August, when the sun burns down the grass and makes it almost yellow – but yet, some flower resists the aggression of the sun and dares to show itself in all its fragile beauty. An unexplored borgo (old Italian village) with its exposed bricks, laid centuries ago – where you can still walk the streets that the Romans have created and walk through history while holding a gelato made by an old lady who has been running the same store for 54 years. Childhood memories, sometimes more dreams than reality, convey together a more mature vision to create her unique world. Nature is central in her work.
Skilled Artisan
Independent Brand
Happy Worker

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Veronica Tordi collection at Wolf & Badger.

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