At balmkind, we believe you should look after your lips and skin equally, one important reason behind why we’ve created our Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balms. We all know that fingerprints are the same, but did you know that no two sets of lip impressions are identical? Your lips are entirely unique. Yet all lips share the risk of suffering from dryness due to their inability to create protective oils to self-moisturise. Exposure to sun, wind, cold air and central heating are major factors that contribute to unprotected lips becoming dry, sore and chapped.

Many lip balms rely on ingredients such as mineral oil or petrolatum which simply sit on top of the lips and make them feel sticky... Enter balmkind – next generation lip care with natural benefits.

Tailored to your lips’ needs and rich in active skin-care ingredients, our lip balms nourish, soothe and protect even the most dry and chapped lips. By introducing a treatment balm into your daily routine, you can revive your lips to ensure that they both look and feel their best.

We’ve thought through all the details to ensure tip-top lip condition. Even our tube has an angled applicator meaning the balm is applied directly to the lips and easily wiped clean.

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