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Gergana Ivanova

THE HEARTBEAT OF THE BRAND: Luxurious pieces that are comfortable to wear, easy to style, and make you feel powerful and confident. Gergana Ivanova values the soulful, timeless, ethical, and versatile. Style is self expression so get ready to make your soul come alive. Made thoughtfully with love and care in the USA, allowing for the support of local jobs, reducing the carbon footprint, and ensuring that all worker and factory laws are met with the highest standard. High quality luxury fabric is used so that each piece is made to last in your closet forever. Lead by a small, women-owned team that has labored over every detail of each piece so you are as obsessed with everything as much as the team at Gergana Ivanova. Say goodbye to fast fashion, our planet will thank you. 

Gergana Ivanova's sustainability and ethical guarantees: