Kannava is an ethical fashion label that partners with female refugees to create beautiful pieces using traditional hand embroidery techniques called tatreez. Each piece is hand embroidered, entirely unique and takes over a month to create.

Kananva is about the celebration of refugees and female empowerment. Every sale gives our artisans the opportunity to earn a fair wage, break the cycle of poverty and preserve the dying art of traditional hand embroidered tatreez.

There are limited opportunities to earn an income for people living in refugee camps. Kannava creates a unique employment model that allows our artisans to complete most of their work within their home, in their own time, without adding the extra costs and complications of travel and childcare. We work with local community centres that support the women and provide them with materials to avoid them incurring costs before they are paid.

Our goal is to create beautiful pieces that preserve the rich art of tatreez whilst providing opportunities and economic empowerment to women living in refugee camps. A portion of our sales go towards supporting schools in refugee camps that are in desperate need of funding.

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