Loren Lewis Cole

Loren Lewis Cole creates unusual pieces, jewellery with meaning, that act as amulets and
affirmations to the wearer, enshrining the power of natures elements into sensual declarations born from the depths of the earth, each one shrouded with
story. In backlash against fast and disposable fashion, the brand attracts thoughtful
customers who want to invest in something beautiful and meaningful that will outlive them, a
modern heirloom in the making.

During extensive travel, Loren worked alongside goldsmiths in Asia and Africa, invited to sit
on the floor and learn the skills that are handed down as generational stories, broadening her
understanding of the cultural power of jewellery. Loren saw space for meaningful jewellery at a
mid-market price and wanted to create pieces that brought these experiences to the modern
woman in the form of contemporary talismans, reminding them of a feeling of ancestry, and the
power of shared culture.

All pieces are thoughtfully made in England using Eco silver and Fair Trade gold.