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Lunar James

Handmade jewellery for the modern bohemian woman - Inspired by the Ocean, mother Earth and Space. Lunar James is a London based, sustainable jewellery brand inspired by the magic of nature and our spiritual connection to Mother Earth. An ode to the seas we bathe in, and the skies we dream under... We're on a mission to create a leading, sustainable jewellery brand, inspired by and dedicated to the magic that is our beautiful planet Earth. Founded by self-taught jeweller Ari, our vision is to give a new life to ancient traditions which shared a common belief that everything and everyone is connected. Let our jewellery take you on a journey through the magic of life.
Independent Brand
Happy Worker
Responsible Packaging
Skilled Artisan
Re/Upcycled Materials

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Lunar James collection at Wolf & Badger.

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