MA RA MI is a platform where multicultural crafts become limited edition designs rendered through modern techniques and sustainable fabrics whilst preserving craftsmanship. MA RA MI was created by the designer Andra Clitan in her desire to make a fusion between Romanian traditional costumes and different cultures from all over the world. She studied fashion design at UAD Cluj (RO) and Central Saint Martins (UK), being inspired by her childhood stories from Transylvania and her later discoveries from different continents she visited, studied or lived in, like Asia, Middle East and Europe. MA RA MI has an important contribution in preserving traditional techniques and influences from many parts of the globe, creating exclusive designs and opening a new dialogue by developing self-sufficient and independent communities. We are proud of our roots and culture, the great heritage of our ancestors, their stories and courage. The beauty of simplicity. We take these values and make them ours by reviving traditional craftsmanship, taking elements from traditional cuts and patterns, using modern techniques to tailor them into unique garments. You will see elements such as felt productions, hand weaved fabrics and different types of embroideries, especially from Transylvania, Romania.