MARIA. The Label

M a r i a . The label is a Sydney based silk & cashmere goods brand. Founded in 2017 M a r i a. The label is a lovechild of the founders passion for photography and silk & cashmere scarves and accessories. The labels designs are inspired by the ocean, the beach, the tropical flowers and everything that makes maria smile - take the ocean and the beach with you, wherever you go, cover yourself in it and feel what maria feels when she walks barefoot in the sand.

Who is M a r i a . ? M a r i a . Is the wild flower inside every little girl or woman. She is strong, wild, independent and elegant. She is not what the world expects her to be. She is free.

A silk scarf is the elegant best friend of your biker boots and leather jacket, it's the unique top nobody else owns, a cheeky little color play in your hair or a choker around your neck. Nothing is as graceful as a feather cashmere scarf waving in the refreshing ocean breeze on a tropical beach and nothing is as soft as its hug on a long distance flight.
A scarf is everything but just a piece of fabric or old-fashioned. It is timeless, it is elegant, it is playful, versatile and graceful.