Marta Scarampi

Young emerging designer Marta Scarampi has always admired the sophisticated elegance of a Cape. Yet she lives a life that needs, what's in her wardrobe, to be functional. So her challenge was to design an 'Everyday Cape' that was stylish, functional & comfortable, all at the same time.

Marta Scarampi capes are for ladies that have the desire to freely express themselves and to stand out by blending innovative style, color and feminine elegance – to be part of a women's everyday life, to meet the demands of a modern lifestyle and to be worn year round for any kind of occasions.

Each fabric that has been selected has its own purpose: wrinkle-less for travel and everyday life, waterproof for rainy days and elegant for occasion-wear. Thanks to 6 inside pockets, one can feel free to carry ONLY the essentials, wherever and whenever.