Sleep Society

Forget the dated button-down pyjama suit and say goodbye to checked flannel – Sleep Society is bringing sleepwear to the 21st century! Through their use of premium, environmentally-friendly technical fabrics, innovative design and custom patterns, they’ve created the coolest, comfiest pyjamas you could ever dream of.

Sleep Society pyjamas are made from TENCEL™ Modal with Eco Soft and Micro technologies – a jersey that’s as soft as a cloud and the comfiest thing you’ll ever wear. Sustainably sourced and produced from renewable raw Austrian beech wood using surplus renewable energy, the fabric is twice as soft as cotton, breathable, temperature regulating, and developed for efficient moisture absorption and to stay softer for longer.

Sleep Society partners with talented independent artists across the globe to create their prints – from hand-painted watercolours to entirely digital colour-blocked artwork. Their pyjamas come in 5 styles, with the tops all featuring a henley collar for optimal adjustable comfort, while the bottoms have a dropped crotch, extra-deep pockets and an unbelievably soft brushed micro-fibre waistband.

Sleep Society pyjamas are for the style-, planet- and comfort-conscious individual – they’re fashionable, functional and fun. The future of sleepwear is finally here, because good pyjamas shouldn't be a nightmare to find!!

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