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Therma Kota

Ther•ma Ko•ta, noun Providing warmth; Protection from the elements; Origin: Nordic. Therma Kōta is a new Mother-Daughter Nordic brand founded on the belief that outerwear is the most essential element of your wardrobe. Our coats, jackets and accessories bridge the gap between fashion and function. These versatile and luxurious styles are all made in Canada. Therma Kota was conceived by sisters Mosha and Sophie Lundström Halbert and their mother Linda Lundström in 2017. The outerwear brand is inspired by their Nordic heritage and Canadian upbringing in the cold. Therma Kōta has been featured in VOGUE and FORTUNE.
Happy Worker
Preferred Animal Material
Skilled Artisan
Responsible Packaging
Independent Brand

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Therma Kota collection at Wolf & Badger.

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