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Tone Barker Silk

We create garments that provide beauty, comfort and pleasure for decades. Our methods and materials cause no harm to people or environment. The shapes are feminine and relaxed and we develop styles for various body forms, wishing that the young, the mature, the slender, as well as the full-figured, will find their favourite piece of clothing, love it and wear it till it falls apart. We source our silks mostly from bulk. Our prints are made in-house and many pieces are made in natural colour silk (boiled-off), dyed and/or hand-painted in our workshop using plant or non-toxic dyes. A sound and beautiful wardrobe can be built over years. The piece you buy this year can be worn with pieces from previous years and will also work with pieces in years to come.
Responsible Packaging
Non-toxic Dyes
Happy Worker
Natural Materials
Independent Brand

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Tone Barker Silk collection at Wolf & Badger.

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