Why We Should Care About the Destruction of Coral Reefs

by Imogen White

It may not be something you’ve ever thought about, but why does it matter if our coral reefs are gradually disappearing? In the last 30 years we have lost 50% of coral reefs globally, and it is predicted that by the year 2050 we will have lost 90%. This destruction is directly linked to global warming, our seas are becoming too warm for coral reefs to survive. Here are some important reasons why we should do our best to keep these incredible natural wonders:

  • Coral reefs are known as the rainforests of the sea. 25% of all marine life will depend on coral reefs as a home or a food source at one point during their lives. They are the most biodiverse habitats in the oceans.

  • Reefs are used in medicines which treat numerous diseases, including; cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and heart disease (to name a few!).

  • Half a billion people around the world rely on coral reefs for food and an income from tourism and fishing.

  • Coral reefs provide important protection to our shorelines from tropical storms.

There is still time to reverse the damage that has been caused, you can help by supporting charities such as the Coral Reef Alliance, who are dedicated to saving the world’s coral reefs. Vissi Jewellery has recently launched the Erosion Collection, $5 from each sale of this collection will go directly to the Coral Reef Alliance, to aid them in their amazing work.

Photos provided by the Coral Reef Alliance.


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