How Can 3D Design Revolutionise The Fashion Industry?

by Emma Armstrong

Last year the fashion industry went virtual overnight, forcing retail to close and designers to begin remote working. This created a lot of time for the industry to reflect and during this time, our brand Notam was born. We created Notam as a response to today’s trend of insubstantial, lifeless products that are too often masked by expensive advertising and incorrect claims of sustainability. 

As extreme weather conditions from wildfires to flash floods increase around the world, it is vital that the fashion industry puts sustainability at its core. Currently, the fashion industry has an annual carbon footprint of 3.3 billion tonnes - every garment made uses samples which increase carbon output through the energy, water, shipping, land and chemicals used. 

Virtual clothing has become so hyper-realistic we can use this to design, create and sell our clothing. The marketing of our brand features our very own avatar models and photoshoots are meticulously created using 3D design technology. This not only cuts down costs but also means we don’t need to use any resources, other than our 3D software, which would have added to our carbon footprint. We are able to create social media and advertising content as well as our virtual design studio. 3D technology has given us creative freedom without the need to damage our planet. 

We decided to break tradition and opted for an alternative and more environmentally friendly way of creating garments. The route we take is virtual, by using 3D design software to create all our collections. The 3D garments are so realistic we can see what they will look like as a final product and this means we can make big or small adjustments without the need for samples. We can see what our graphics look like on t-shirts with different colours, fits or patterns without having to wait weeks for samples and waste resources. The garments that don’t make the cut end up in our computer’s trash bin rather than in a landfill. The process of rendering each garment can be time-consuming but we believe it actually makes the overall manufacturing process much more efficient. 

Though the fashion industry relied heavily on the digital realm last year, 3D technology has often been overlooked. We believe that embracing technological advancements can transform the fashion industry into becoming more sustainable. For too long our industry has prioritised profit at the expense of our planet. Nature must be at the core of the fashion industry in order to restore and regenerate the ecosystems and species of our planet. 

We can’t claim to be totally carbon neutral but we are working towards a better way of production, sustainable and ethical sourcing. We are dedicated to creating products and processes that push our company and the industry in a more responsible direction. We can claim to be making a difference, that’s what’s really important to us.