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The Psychology Of Winning

by Point Zero Zero One in partnership with Alchemy

We all like to win, against ourselves or others. And wins can be big or small, individual or team. Running to the next lamppost on your daily run is a win, as much as becoming world champion. Nailing that interview or presentation is too.

Inspired by motorsport, a world that knows how to win, at Point Zero Zero One we care as much about mental fitness as physical fitness – so we’ve developed a series of bite size Split Second Psychology guides - actionable information, to help give you the inspiration and confidence to win every day.

Developed with a thought leading clinical psychologist it uses scientific approaches and research-based knowledge about the human mind alongside hard-won practical experience of how to work with people to improve their mental and psychological performance - and stay ahead in the top 1% of the field.

1. Tough day?

This is about improvement and small wins – not perfection. Keep a bad performance in perspective and take 10 minutes to challenge your inner critic.

Try this…

To help challenge and overcome negative thoughts, can you name 3 small wins you might have overlooked in your day? What 2 things can you learn from this for next time? Can you name 1 thing that helped you bounce back from a situation like this before?

2. Focus 

This will help counter negative predictions and uses visualisation to feel in control under pressure. Get in the zone.

Important meeting coming up? Got that 10k on Sunday?

Try this…

Play through the event you want to prepare for – like a movie in your head. Do this a few times – putting in as much detail as you can – and of course savour that feeling of success at the end!

We also think leaving out your kit or outfit the night before helps too.

3. Advance 

This is about building confidence and positive momentum.

Smashed that goal? Got that win? Keep it going.

Try this…

After you’ve celebrated success take 10 minutes to scribble down what skills and strengths you used to get over the line. Now how else could you use those talents? 

Think outside the box. And as an additional thought, can you identify strengths and skills from team-mates and learn from them? Or compliment those with your own?

4. Performing under pressure 

Whether it's nailing that presentation or landing the top step of the podium, too much anxiety will make your thinking inflexible and push you into fight or flight mode. This isn’t the mindset where your best performance will happen.

Try this…

Think of performing under stress like holding the steering wheel of a car. You need some tension to get it moving in the right direction – but you can’t grip too tightly either. Loosen your grip – relax! Remember – taking the pressure off can sometimes be the best route to success.

5. Power up 

Stuck in a rut? Feeling slower than a Silverstone Grand Prix car park queue?

Try this…

Spend just 10 minutes moving your body. It doesn’t have to be much – a stroll around the block will do the trick. It’s a little known psychological fact that you don’t have to have motivation before you take action. Get moving first – and watch how your energy level improves.