Olympia Bodysuit

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Style notes

For centuries, snakes have been included in some of the most ancient human rituals. They represent the duality of good and evil, a symbol of transmutation. At deeper levels, a shedded snake’s skin symbolizes death and rebirth, reminding us of our ability to shed beliefs and habits while shifting into higher spiritual energy.

When wearing the Olympia bodysuit, Lorette invites you to embody your own growth and transformation; the snake reminding you of your ability to overcome challenges, while activating and reinforcing harmony within yourself.

Designed and handmade in Toronto by an all-female staff.

Dead-stock couture fabric was recycled to create this collection.

Sustainability guarantees

Lorette Lingerie

Lorette was created to empower women with freedom of choice. By carefully crafting pieces that align the body with the mind and the heart, Lorette invites women to connect with their individual sensuality, freeing themselves from any paralyzing fashion standards around them. The Lorette women instead revels in her unique feminine expression and self-confidence.

We are proud to provide high quality, luxurious lingerie pieces that are attentively handmade through responsible sourcing and production practices.


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