Slow Down Empathy Sweater

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Style notes

Our Slow Down Empathy Sweatshirt with a printed design is a kind reminder to remember to "slow down" - Slowing down looks different for everyone, so just keep in mind that we shouldn't get to caught up in the noise of the world, that in the process we loose who we are truely inside. "Disconnect to reconnect with not only ourselves but the universe around us." This relaxed unisex style is the perfect throw-on medium weight poly/cotton blend, ideal for transpersonal wear & "slowing down".

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Element Empathy

Empathy what?

We're living in a world that's in need of a major... "REST" we've truely lost touch of who we are & what we're here to achieve. It's time to block out the noise & go within. Disconnecting to reconnect with oneself, our loved ones & the universe around us. It's OKAY to feel, take it all in! Oh & chemistry? .. It's all around us!

Element Empathy is a gender-neutral brand. We offer comfort loungewear for your everyday needs. Our mission is to plant seeds, educate & spread awareness on all things mental health & wellbeing. Reminding you that its "cool to be empathetic" & that it's time to wake up & smell the roses.


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