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The Indian cafe is a minimalist affair- functional, efficient and timeless. Our teapot sits in that tradition, inspired by the durable, no-frills, stainless steel tableware seen in kitchens and cafes across the country. While it is common for coffee makers to be made in stainless steel, it is less so in the case of tea. Our design challenges this through a design and material that has resolved typical problems with any given teapot, such as drips, loose lids and handling while pouring.

Our stainless steel teapot is inspired by the durable, no-frills, stainless steel tableware seen in Indian kitchens and cafes across the country. With a drip-free spout, a locking lid, a heat-resistant bakelite handle and an inbuilt filter, the tall, tapered shape of the teapot brews up to 6 cups of tea (1.2L) and makes it easy to pour.

Made in a small, limited batch of 150, our Tiipot is a perfect gift and comes in a box with two blends of tea created exclusively for us by No 3 Clive Road in New Delhi. The ‘Green-Tii’ is a blend of Kangra and forest grown Tulsi (Indian basil) and the ‘Black-Tii’ is a blend of Assam, Kangra and Nilgiri leaves.

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Founded in 2013 by Spandana Gopal, Tiipoi is a London based design studio and brand. It was founded on the thinking that there is more to Indian design than just sticking an elephant on something, and that Indian craft has more to offer than simply repeating the past. India can seem a pretty chaotic place. But sitting there, quietly are some really incredible, super functional designs. The “designers” of these objects if they can be found at all, aren’t celebrated in the same way as they are in other countries. Instead design is seen as a bi-product of living. This unassuming approach, with an emphasis on a quiet functionality, is what inspires and drives our creative process at Tiipoi.


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