Vision Board Reimagined™ - Classic Grey Covers + 100 Photos

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Style notes

This vision board kit makes the visualization process simple, smooth, and pleasing.

You don’t need any magazines, glue, printer, or scissors. All you need is already included - the Vision Board Covers and the Visualization Cards. Add, rearrange and replace the cards in the snug-fitting slots as often as you want to. This saves you time, nerves, and it will always look nice.

Get the most easy-to-use vision board and focus on building your dream life.

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Bold Tuesday

We are a company for dreamers and achievers. ur mission is to help you live a better life.
We started Bold Tuesday in 2014 when the world looked a lot different than today. At that time our dream life meant freedom, breaking out of routine, experiencing different cultures. But today we have to take a step back and ask - what does a good and happy life actually mean.
We believe that goal-setting and visualization are powerful tools. Whether we need some self-tuning or extra motivation, a vision board helps us keep on track. Makes us ask: What is it that I really want in life? What makes me the happiest?
We have one life, just one, so make sure you are living yours to the fullest.


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