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Egg hunting

As we suggested in our latest weekend plan, we went out and tried to chase down some of the amazing eggs that are displayed around London.

For those of you who were wondering why giant eggs seem to be appearing everywhere, it’s for The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt- over 200 beautifully designed and crafted eggs are scattered across London for you to find. Each egg is accompanied by its own unique code- when you find one, text its code to 80001 to be entered into the prize draw to win a fabulous prize, The Diamond Jubilee Egg, valued at over £100,000!

We can’t deny that we had our eyes peeled for two eggs in particular, which are very special to us…
We are proud to present our two beautiful eggs, produced in collaboration with our fantastic brands Isharya and Mumo! Although we can’t reveal their whereabouts (after all, it is a competition), we have taken pictures of them in their ‘natural habitats’, so to speak- so you know what you’re looking for!

Mumo is an ethical brand with a design focus, which uses luxury organic and fair trade textiles from Brazil for their collections. Hence it comes as no surprise that their Sao Paulo Skyline egg is made from crocheted peace silk, hand spun and dyed with natural colourants in a small factory in South East Brazil. The factory employs people from a local favela, training them up in traditional weaving tecniques.

Isharya’s egg design expresses the spirit of hope through the Tree of Life, an ancient philosophy which symbolises the concept that all life on Earth is interconnected. The Tree of Life egg celebrates life by portraying nature with intricate illustrations, myriad of vibrant colours and accents taken from Isharya filigree and stone jewellery. The egg has travelled around the world to be made directly in the Isharya design house in Mumbai. We love that they included stones and filigree which they also use in their luxury costume jewellery.

These gorgeous eggs are also up for auction, in order to raise money for Action for Children and Elephant Family. So you can own a gorgeous piece of art, and donate to charity all in one go!

To bid on the Isharya egg, follow this link.
And for the Mumo egg, click here.

Happy hunting! x

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Weekend Plans: On the hunt…

# 1 – HUNT

What: The Big Egg Hunt
Where: Around London
When: From now until April 3rd
Why: The Faberge Big Egg Hunt is an exciting event happening around London this easter. Hidden across the capital are 200 specially commissioned eggs that have been created by a range of artists, designers, jewellers and architects. There is also an amazing prize of a Diamond Jubilee Egg worth over £100,000 for the person who finds the most eggs! Open to everyone, all you need to do is text the location of each egg that you see. There are so many beautiful and interesting eggs to find, even if you don’t want to enter the competition it is a great opportunity to get out into the city and see some art for free.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our two Wolf & Badger eggs by Mumo and Isharya!

# 2 – WATCH

What: The Leisure Society
Where: The Trafalgar Studios
When: From tonight until March 31st
Why: Tonight see’s the opening of The Leisure Society by François Archambault at The Trafalgar Studios. Based around the life of a married couple, successful but bored Peter, and his borderline alcoholic wife Mary the play is a tale of middle class morality and has been brought up to date by director Harry Burton. The play has been hotly anticipated as it stars British supermodel Agyness Deyn, who if the reviews are to be believed, has successfully made the transition from model to actress. We can’t wait to see for ourselves.

# 3 – SHOP

What: U.Mi-1 Trunk Show
Where: Wolf & Badger
When: Saturday 3rd March 12 – 5pm
Why: Get yourself down to the Wolf & Badger boutique this Saturday for our weekly trunk show, hosted this time by one our menswear brands, U.Mi-1. Designer Gozi will be introducing her latest spring/summer collection The Musicians, and offering a huge 70% discount on her previous collection. She will also be providing some delicious cocktails to help put you in the weekend mood.

Have a lovely weekend! Xx

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The Big Egg Hunt – And the Winner is…

We have been bursting at the seams trying not to reveal the winner of our Big Egg Hunt challenge but today we are finally able to make the official announcement!

With an overwhelming 396 votes, we are proud to say that Isharya are the deserving winners and will be bringing to life their design on the Wolf & Badger egg. We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with Isharya on this project and can’t wait to see the final result displayed in London at the end of February 2012.

Isharya are an Indian and American based jewellery brand but are no stranger to the UK with the designers, Gauri and Radhika Tandon, both having time spent studying in London. The egg has now been shipped half way across the world to Mumbai in order to be decorated by the designers. Once they have finished decorating the egg, it will be shipped back to London in time for the event! Having done more travelling than some of us here at Wolf & Badger, we’re wondering if any of the other eggs have gone on such an incredible journey.

On top of this, Isharya have been given the opportunity to decorate one out of just 15 hanging eggs rather than the standard egg on a plinth, making this a very special egg indeed!

Here is a sneak peek at what the egg will look like. We hope you are as excited as we are to see the final design!

We want to say thank you to all of the designers who sent in their ideas. We received some amazing designs and would not have been able to choose a winner on our own!

Wolf & Badger x

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The Big Egg Hunt Design Competition

We are very excited to tell you that Wolf & Badger will be taking part in the upcoming Big Egg Hunt which will take place in London over Easter 2012! Over 200, 2 ½ ft high eggs will be displayed in high profile areas around London, making it the largest interactive public art display to take place in the city.

The eggs will be decorated by a range of creative talents including architects, fashion houses, jewellery designers, and street artists, and will be an amazing opportunity for brands to have their designs seen by the masses. This year, designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Giles Deacon and Diane Von Furstenberg have already secured their places, so you can be sure to expect some unique and beautifully decorated eggs! Once the eggs are in place a city wide hunt will begin, meaning you are free to explore the streets to try to find as many as you can. They will then be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Elephant Family and Action for Children charities.

For the event, we will be collaborating with a Wolf & Badger member brand in order to come up with a great design for an egg. We have received so many inspiring entries that we are letting YOU help us decide which to pick for inclusion in the Big Egg Hunt!

Take a look at some of the proposed designs below and then visit us on Facebook to vote for your favourite. Whichever sketch designs receive the most ‘likes’ will be submitted to the arts committee for final selection. We will then work with the chosen winner to produce an amazing 2 ½ ft installation piece for inclusion in the actual event…


Here are all suggestions from our talented designers:

Amanda Li Hope



After reading the quote “The egg is a universally recognised symbol of new life” on the website of The Big Egg Hunt, Amanda Li Hope came up with the concept that if the egg was the Universe, it must have started with a single golden hen! The idea would be realised by placing a golden hen in the middle of an fibreglass egg with LED spotlights creating a ray of light around the hen. Think ‘The Egg Bang Theory’.

Click here to vote for Amanda Li Hope’s design!





Allumer’s egg would be titled ‘Sunnyside Up’ and would be a clear egg engraved with a pattern of London. It would also have a yellow solar powered light inside the egg, shining through like the sun!

Click here to vote for Allumer’s design!


Nick Fraser



Nick Fraser would like to present the classic Faberge egg but with a twist. To re-create the Faberge design, he would use industrial pipework, which he usually uses for his product designs, and build a structure around the egg.

Click here to vote for Nick Fraser’s design!





U.Mi-1 would like to create an explosive and captivating design for the egg to represent new life! She would like to do this by using either fibre optics or a projector which will light up the egg with a short fireworks display.

Click here to vote for U.Mi-1′s design!





Mark/Giusti would like to re-create an original Morif inspired by the decorations in the Basilica di San Lorenzo in Rome. The design, which is also featured in their collection, would be created by using original coloured mosaic squares. The concept would create awareness for the ancient mosaic art which is diminishing over the years.

Click here to vote for Mark/Giusti’s design!





Mumo’s concept is to create a crocheted fabric to cover the whole egg which will include a hand stitched pattern using coloured silk thread. They would use organic fair-trade cotton as well as Eco-peace silk which are produced by women from a flavela in South Brazil.

Click here to vote for Mumo’s design!


Amy Jayne Hughes



Amy Jayne Hughes would like to design an egg which is an illustrative map of major landmarks in London. She would include places such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye, all of which would be placed around a large ‘crack’ that represents the river Thames.

Click here to vote for Amy Jayne Hughes’ design!


FB Collection



FB Collection’s concept is to cover the egg in a Copacabana pavement pattern in their SS12 collection colours. The Copacabana pattern is iconic to Brazil making it instantly recognisable. They would like to raise awareness for Brazil and the fact that it is now a well established fashion destination.

Click here to vote for FB Collection’s design!





Isharya proposed an egg based on their Tree of Life collection, which concept is based on the aspect that all life on earth is interwoven. Their egg-design would incorporate filigree metal work and mirrors, which is the same detailing used in their jewellery.

Click here to vote for Isharya’s design!


Even though the Big Egg Hunt is still ages away, we can’t wait to get out there and eggs-plore the streets to see what egg-citement awaits us! (sorry)

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite design on Facebook!

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