Bespoke Art Wear Bubble Light

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Style notes

Hand painted bubbles light effect with a quote '' The Universe is Expanding'' on organic cotton garment. Unique piece realised by Majder for the new 2021 summer collection. Unisex.

Sustainability guarantees


ARTWEAR is the movement against the machinery and soullessness of the big fashion brands. We are ethical & sustainable vs fast fashion. We believe that if you process by hand your hands are the creator of something which is made with love and comes lacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling.

Unisex hand-painted bespoke art wear
All clothes are made of high quality 100% organic cotton.
Majder brand truly believe that if you start the process with the #art of the design the piece is better routed.
The characteristic look being the Majder's signature brush paint.

Based in London.


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No Animal Testing
No Fur