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Billie Wilde

Billie Wilde is an NYC-based fine jewelry label from Australian designer Ballantyne Paige. It’s her eponymous label, and it comes from her personal story of survival. In 2015, Ballantyne went on a humanitarian trip to Nepal to look for a purpose beyond herself. She found herself fighting for survival in the April 2015 earthquake with 16 orphans in her care. After finding safety, she made a personal vow to use her life to care for the well-being of others. The label comes from this spirit of strength, and each piece is a bold symbol of resilience, compassion, and beauty. 100% of the profits from the Beaded Collection are donated to Victim Support & Rehabilitation, a program from Prison Fellowship Nepal (an organization that helps women in Nepal rebuild their lives after leaving prison).
Happy Worker
Skilled Artisan
Re/Upcycled Materials
Charitable Donation
Independent Brand

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Billie Wilde collection at Wolf & Badger.

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