Introducing Symbiotic Skincare - Raising the benchmark for effective natural beauty. Founded by Skin Nutritionist Mel Turkerman.

We believe, along with many indigenous cultures, that everything in the world is related. That all plants are as equal as people; we depend on each other within a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship, for sustenance and holistic living to uplift the vitality and essence of life. The way we process native botanicals and incorporate them into our skincare products will always stay unique to this principle. All our key ingredients are hand-picked fresh from the source, respecting the cycles and integrity of the land and sea. Our protocol for harvesting in the wild is by hand, respecting the harmony within the land itself. The purpose, as well as the time of harvesting, is strictly aligned to ensure that the vitality is not lost. We’re passionate to back up everything, using scientifically proven key ingredients, while maintaining our core values intact.

Ingredients that serve no purpose for the health of the skin, such as petroleum/mineral oils and silicones, added for temporary feel-good factor. Synthetic, harsh or controversial chemicals such as parabens, silicones, EDTA, Phthalates or anything else mother nature didn’t create.

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