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The intention of eavolu® is to allow busy professionals to evolve exercise/lifestyle goals in a holistic manner, with exercise not being an activity separated from our overall daily lifestyle but deeply integrated within it. The comfortable, minimalistic designs are all designed and manufactured on the West coast, with an East Coast vibe to ensure our carbon footprint remains as small as possible. From packaging to the actual product - every process focuses on sustainability. Our commitment is to provide long-lasting premium apparel that will continue to provide you comfort and style for years to come. If you decide to clear your closet, we hope that you will choose upcycling for someone else to enjoy the comfort and beauty of eavolu®. eavolu®- The Evolution of You.
Natural Materials
Charitable Donation
Happy Worker
Responsible Packaging
Ethical Leader
Carbon Reduction
Re/Upcycled Materials
Non-toxic Dyes
Independent Brand