EAZO is a unisex fashion label, established in 2015. The Brand philosophy is to make accessories that are both practical and elegant.

The Owner - ZiJun, has been working in fashion design for years, and decided to use his knowledge of design set up the EAZO brand. His experience allows him to immediately discover the essential elements in the making of his products - practicability, durability and aesthetics.

EAZO provides modern dwellers with the ultimate companion. With the utmost appreciation for classic craftsmanship our studio provides singular pieces to store and carry personal belongings comfortably. Whether countryman or cosmopolitan, EAZO strives to equip all with pragmatism and elegance.

Each EAZO bag is influenced by our appreciation for timeless design, durable natural materials and performance. Our bags use robust canvas and vintage-look leathers with high endurance brass hardware. Each piece exists purposefully, nothing more, nothing less.

EAZO understands our customers thirst for durability. Embracing practical aesthetics, choosing durable materials, and adopting traditional hand-making techniques, our pieces are made to last, age and evolve throughout one's life journey.

VAT: 225591015