ECCE brand was founded in November 2017 by Ece Şenyıldız who has dreamed of own brand in Turkey. The Turkish designer who recognizes her admiration of jewellery and be jewellery addiction in her daily life decided to realize her dreams. With the gift products designed for special occasions for both her and her beloved people, set out to realize their dreams.

The brand bearing the name of the founder, 14-carat gold meets the brilliance of the simple but elegant, always wearable necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets.
The collections consist of minimal and elegant pieces. You can see in every piece, a high quality of diamond which is F VS diamond, emerald, sapphire, black, ruby, champagne diamond and plus -semi precious stones.
The brand that designs exquisite products is aimed at jewellery lovers who bring 'elegance' to the consumers.

Diamond is very ambitious in terms of quality and design. Every Ecce pieces are handmade from the local craftsmen in İstanbul Grand Bazaar with the high quality of workmanship and love.
At the same time, you can dream of real jeweling with your designer.