Ecrannium jewellery

Ecrannium - the skull, in Latin – has been created by Ana Almendros, who has shaped the spiritual value of gems and metal with creativity into a material certainty. Jewellery for Ana is the indisputable expression of existence, and in the empty sockets of the skull, lie all visions of beauty, of all material enjoyment, of memory, of love, and of transcendence. The sockets are pure empty spaces, not contaminated, that host the noblest and purest of humanity. There is now a trend to promote art in all dimensions, including goldsmith. The Ecrannium collection does not only express power or luxury but also a more humble beauty, to enjoy it in all its forms. The Dragon collection, the first part of the Ecrannium collection, seeks to take all aspects of the dragon’s anatomy to create wonderful pieces that can be enjoyed in informal as well as formal settings. These pieces have a rebellious edge to them, but also a comfortable expression of simple and hidden beauty. Ana hopes you experience as much joy out of the Dragon collection, as she has had in designing it.