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KOIKOI Clothing

KOIKOI is a contemporary leisure wear brand, grounded on the ethos of a comfortable everyday life. We believe leisure wear should not only be worn on vacation and that you can dress how you want to live - relaxed. We take pride in producing a fully sustainable range. Our secret is organic kikoy fabric which our signature garments are made from. Kikoy is 100% cotton and is woven in the heart of Kenya by the local people. The cotton itself is grown in Kenya and transported directly to the factory where it is woven. We have combined this traditional African fabric with natural trims and vibrant colours to create what we call - clothing with a conscience. Other textiles including linen and Tencel blends lend themselves well to the KOIKOI ethos and have found their place within our range.

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the KOIKOI Clothing collection at Wolf & Badger.

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