Die Knit Jacquard Crewneck/Sweater

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Style notes

Design by Raf Reyes: high-contrast Mayhem scene, setting the right visual tone straight away. more life+crowd control/fanlove. the piece is about trance, transience, living it while it lasts in critical times. skeletal-layered bodies eerily fusing with mainstage characters, base picture referenced around album cover photos of both old and new punk rock + rap/hip-hop shows; DIE KNIT is the one for the moshpitters nd lovers of the good stuff, w punk energy on dragon. as u and VERYRARE™ really go against the grain together, this black-and-white monochromatic jacquard\woven tapestry sweater guarantees you easy pairing nd boldesttt style.
(Jacquard woven crewneck)

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The concept behind VERYRARE c/o RAF REYES™ is to reference Design’s history and signal its existence within the colliding worlds of archive and 21st-century fashion. Selected visuals feature different universes ranging from collector 90s aesthetics to contemporary sub-and surculture imagery. Put on steroids or low-fi’ed for a fresh & reimagined clothing style, opposing ideas speaking to one another, and turned into very rare pieces.

“VR is my attempt as 1. a Parisian, 2. a Royal College of Art post-graduate, 3. a fashion designer and 4. a (collage/assemblage) visual artist to mix street & couture, with a museum twist. Making art wearable and democratize what’s otherwise unaffordable” — Raf Reyes®®


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