Gold Sparkle Scrunchie

by Manimekala

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Style notes

Scrunchies are perfect for those moments when you have to swipe the hair off your face but look glamorous at the same time! Treat yourself to a pick-me up, or offer as a gift to your friends. This sparkling gold scrunchie is part of Manimekala's sustainable Zero Waste range, meaning it is made from leftover materials. Stylish and sustainable!

Sustainability guarantees


Pronounced "money-may-kuh-luh", Manimekala combines aesthetics and ethics, creating fashion with a social mission. Known for original prints and statement textiles, our designs are colourful and eclectic, for those who want to stand out.

Working in partnership with marginalised communities, Manimekala connects women across the world through clothes they wear. Designed and made between London and India, reflecting the founder Mekala's heritage, meet the woman who made your dress through our social media.

As well as main collections, we up-cycle materials to create one-off designs for ourl Zero Waste range. Each sustainable Zero Waste piece is made by hand in our London studio


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