Futaba Hayashi Brand Story: Inspired by Symbolism

by Futaba Hayashi

Our collection is rich in symbolism. Many of our designs draw inspiration from mystical symbols, amulets, and the world of tattoo culture.

The swallow is a symbol of successful journeys and triumph. This ring is perfect for someone who is starting a new chapter in life. 

Swallow tattoos also mean bravery in England. Swallows will choose only one mate and remain true to them for life, so they’re often a representation of finding true love or loyalty. Three awesome types of symbolism in one!

The rose is a symbol of love and devotion. 

The rose tattoo commonly represents beauty and love in association with the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

The dagger is a symbol of ambition and courage.

It is also a symbol of protection. A dagger is direct and useful in close combat confrontations since it is small and can be easily concealed. It is a more stealthy and cunning weapon than the sword, which is much longer, more elegant, and primarily used in battle.

The sun and moon represent the balance between opposite forces - unity and cooperation instead of conflict, and rebirth.

The phases of the moon symbolize our own personal growth and development.

The Crescent Moon symbolizes new beginnings and the turning of dreams into reality.

Now check out our collection and see where you find these symbols.


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