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Hello everyone – I'm Louise the Lead Stylist and Producer at Wolf & Badger Studios! As the coronavirus has developed over the months, weeks and days, our plans have changed and, of course, so have our lives. I'm currently in London, in my flat, reading a book I've had sat in my bookcase for a long time now and drinking a cup of tea.

We are so accustomed to our daily routine and getting caught up in the whirlwind that is our lives that some of us rarely take a moment to stop and breathe. With my new government-imposed limitations and less hectic schedule, life is moving at a slower pace and is much less a whirlwind but a more gentle breeze. I can now take the time to focus on my smaller projects in between mourning my past freedom! So far I've been utilising certain things that I may have taken for granted before...

My sewing machine, an old friend that has been keeping me busy turning old fabric into handy headscarves and accessories. I've also finally found the time to delve into my boyfriend's "extensive" record collection and have made my own section for my favourite tunes. My books! Re-reading old favourites that for a while had sat dusty in my bookshelf like 'Bonjour Tristesse' and Haruki Murakami stories. The window sills will also be looking quite colourful soon enough as I've planted enough flowers in old teapots to host my own flower show!

My lockdown in numbers: 

52 cups of tea, 92 episodes of Mad Men, 23 episodes of Frasier, 4 banana breads, too many Zoom quizzes (too many Zoom quiz beers), 6 books, 3 deep cleans and many strange and unplanned meals.

As well as staying healthy we've got to stay fun, positive and colourful. Hopefully, my W&B favourites will inspire you to do just that...

Little steps everyone and stay positive!


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