Purple Velvet Crossed Blazer Constantine

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Style notes

A velvet blazer in winter is always a good investment. Part of our limited-edition blazer collection features the ultimate luxury texture: velvet. Sophistication for any look. Pure luxury. All the art of tailoring in a velvet blazer with structured shoulders, a sharp waist and a length that never reaches the hips. There are very few velvet manufacturers left in Europe. One of them, the best, is the one that supplies us with this fabric to create these unique and timeless pieces. This purple velvet blazer also has a layer of silk that makes the colour very vibrant, creating a delicate texture that compels you to reach out and enjoy it. Making craftsmanship a new synonym for luxury and reclaiming the value of unique, durable and genuine garments is our mission.

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The Extreme Collection

The Extreme Collection is a premium Spanish fashion house based in Madrid, best known for its iconic military jackets. With a long tradition in male tailoring, the label decided in 1990 to switch the established roles, giving shape to the empowered classy woman.
All our garments are 100% produced in Spain in our Warehouse in Toledo, making our production and creation of our collection easier to keep ethical and sustainable.
Our blazers, coats and knitwear stand out with their nobles fabrics, sophisticated handmaid details (Swarovski, golden embroidering, unique editions buttons) and perfect tailoring. Each item is produced in limited edition, which makes each garment almost unique. Our mission is to make women feel more confident and shine with their own light while wearing our jackets.


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