If you're looking for high-end, lookbook, campaign or e-commerce photography that offers real commercial value, we’ve got you covered.

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Campaigns are the first impression your new potential customers will have of your brand and we all know that first impressions matter. An advertising campaign is a key series of your advertisement message that shares a single idea and visual theme. Typical, successful campaigns do a few things, showcase the product above all else but in equal measure, tell your brand story in the most iconic and recognisable way possible. Advertising campaigns are utilised across diverse media channels over a more extensive time frame. We offer a comprehensive production service including concept development, location scouting, sourcing talent, senior creative direction/photography and advertising grade post-production work. For the shoot process and rates please enquire below.

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Create a visually stunning look book, either in studio or on set locations. Lookbooks are produced to showcase how your products are worn, styled or work together as a collection. We incorporate more of your brand’s personality into the product focused imagery. We help showcase your designs to buyers and press in beautifully finished model imagery licensed for online and print.For the shoot process and rates please enquire below.

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With decades of creative and e-commerce experience we know what works, what’s current and how to effectively take your imagery to the next level. We produce, light, capture and retouch photos to showcase your products on beautifully finished model imagery in studio. This aspirational imagery is created for e-commerce product page online usage. It is designed to make your products stand out from your competition to drive online sales.For the shoot process and rates please enquire below.

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Still life is a fantastic photographic medium that has captured the imagination of photographers from the early 19th century to the present day. It is a tradition full of lavish, exotic and diverse arrangements, rich with symbolic depth and meaning allowing us to portray your products with your brand’s creative expression. We produce this creative still life photography to tell your brand story, showcase your products beautifully and engage your audience. For the shoot process and rates please enquire below.

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Our product photography services range across Invisible mannequins, flat lays, table top, jewellery and many more. We can finish your images with clear cutting on pure white background or shoot on a expertly lit surfaces. We want your customers to be excited by your pieces wherever they see them. Be it for PR use, or in an e-commerce environment, we make sure we get the finished image just right. For the shoot process and rates please enquire below.

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We shoot exceptional photography for some of the finest brands and pride ourselves on demanding the highest standards in everything we do, always executed with creativity and care.

Cost effective

With a decade of e-commerce experience we know what works and how to produce it the most cost effective way utilising our extensive partner network to save you more.

Fast turn around

High turnaround times are a regular part of our business, so we thrive on pressure. Making sure your job is completed when you need it without sacrificing quality.

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Wolf & Badger Studios have an international team of creative talent producing only carefully considered photography and film. Like the luxury brands we represent, we are independent. We push past the standards of what is expected, creating bespoke content that will set your brand apart from the competition. With decades of creative and e-commerce experience, we know what works and what sells. For more information visit our full site at

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