21St Century (P)Sicko Tee Shirt

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Style notes

Design by Raf Reyes: In our lives’ movies, there may have been times when we got to see or experiment utter excess, like protagonists purchasing nothing but the finest things, wearing only the finest clothes, eating at only the chic-est restaurants, and looking down on any who fall short of their standard. This VR®® piece asks again and again ‘how real and rare are U?’, ‘is being seen in the right places, with the right people, looking the right way etc. just a(nother) display of the hollowness of the Self after all???”. Like model citizens in a breakneck society: workin’, makin’ money, spendin’ it. 210gsm 100% Cotton Tee Shirt

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The concept behind VERYRARE c/o RAF REYES™ is to reference Design’s history and signal its existence within the colliding worlds of archive and 21st-century fashion. Selected visuals feature different universes ranging from collector 90s aesthetics to contemporary sub-and surculture imagery. Put on steroids or low-fi’ed for a fresh & reimagined clothing style, opposing ideas speaking to one another, and turned into very rare pieces.

“VR is my attempt as 1. a Parisian, 2. a Royal College of Art post-graduate, 3. a fashion designer and 4. a (collage/assemblage) visual artist to mix street & couture, with a museum twist. Making art wearable and democratize what’s otherwise unaffordable” — Raf Reyes®®


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