ALEPEL was founded in 2014 by Adriana Epelboim-Levy with the goal of intersecting architecture and fashion in footwear that makes a statement.
Celebrating both form and function through the thoughtful designs of ALEPEL, we have developed intricate and highly considered shoes that reflect the sensibilities of a creative soul. ALEPEL’s singular design perspective soon morphed into two branches of the brand, the hand-painted collections and the main line collection. Both a true reflection of the immense creativity our designer imparted into ALEPEL from it’s genesis. Each branch celebrates the linear and artistic roots in unique and special ways.

ALEPEL is based out of Miami, Florida, featuring luxury shoes for the contemporary market. All of our shoes are made in Brazil using high quality materials and techniques; and hand-painted by local artists in the Miami area. ALEPEL was built on the idea of celebrating the creative spirit and imbuing that spirit into treasured footwear pieces. Each unique ALEPEL pair reiterates this brand ethos. ALEPEL’s hand-painted pieces reflect the canvas for which anything is possible. This opportunity for innovative expression and imagination is manifested in every painted incarnation.

ALEPEL features base styles with designed patterns hand-painted by ALEPEL’s artists. All patterns featured on the footwear are designed by the brand’s founder and designer, Adriana Epelboim-Levy. ALEPEL has developed relationships with local partner artists to produce the customized patterns on each ALEPEL shoe. The beauty of the artistry lay in the artistic perspective each painter brings to every shoe. No two ALEPEL shoes are exactly alike, creating a precious rarity to these special pieces.