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Alexia Ulibarri belives in "intelligent luxury", our ethos resides in nostalgia, ethereal beauty and brutal romanticism. Stories that translate into meaningful garments. The brand speaks of women from past and present, each piece of every collection is made of the finest materials and seeks to adapt to different personalities and body types through special details, cuts and technologies. Being part of modern lifestyle is key to us, this leads to high detailing making each collection adjust to busy and glamorous agendas adding uniqueness and glamour to day to day fashion. Ours is a place that values ideas and creativity, we find inspiration everywhere and are always in constant transformation. We feed on passion to tell stories in every collection. We believe in the highest quality standards when delivering a garment or a collection, that makes us industry. We are proud of Mexican workforce and thankful to the artisan hands that transform industrial processes into magic. We are optimistic, we strive to do things in a way that´s distinctively our own, this is the spirit of ALEXIA ULIBARRI.

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the ALEXIA ULIBARRI collection at Wolf & Badger.

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