At its core, ARSHYS is built on the concept of using fashion as visuals that show our identities through our beliefs and who we are. The brand motto is "Live Peacefully - Dress Beautifully", and goes hand in hand with the quirky designs found on the bold statement pieces. It is a part of the creative Slash Generation - one that doesn't restrict itself to a single discipline or mode of expression of their creativity. Through remixing ordinary items, creating something unique and disruptive that is also visually enticing, a fresh approach to ARSHYS designs and aesthetic is achieved. The designs are meticulously made yet easy to wear. ARSHYS designs for the modern independent women who are fashion-aware, for the women who know what they want and for the women who, in the spirit of peace and avant-garde feminism, are determined to achieve all. 'MinDubai' that literally means 'from Dubai' is a capsule collection launched as an homage to designer's hometown city of Dubai. Inspired by Emirati heritage, the tradition of pearl diving, and the women of its culture, the contemporary styles showcase quintessential Emirati motifs -like the new and iconic Dubai Dubai skyline, images of veiled women, printed Arabic characters and patterns and pearl appliques. Known for its quirky aesthetic, the collection, which features skirts, tops, jackets and jumpsuits is a combination of all things fashionable and comfortable. These are ideal statement pieces that take you from casual to formal and from day to night. The 'MinDubai' collection is proudly designed, ethically sourced and manufactures in the UAE.