Camu Camu

Camu Camu Conscious Wear is a Peruvian brand from designer Vanessa Cubas, who studied in Barcelona and worked in Hong Kong.
Camu Camu is a native Peruvian fruit, from the rainforest. It is considered a superfood as it provides 60 times more vitamin C than an orange or lemon. As the fruit, our clothes are made in Peru as well, using only natural fibers and materials from Peru and regionally. The brand's mission is to promote Peru's incredible fabrics, fibers and Peruvian workers as their quality and style are world class and therefore making Camu Camu not only a superfood, but a superbrand as well.

Materials we use in our fashion line:
Alpaca fibers
Organic cotton
Eco friendly denim
and more...

Icon for Happy Worker

Workers are paid a living wage; no child labour or human trafficking is involved in the production of the collection; the factory is compliant with all local environmental regulations.

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The material or ingredients in this collection are at least 80% derived from organic farming.

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