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Cloe Cassandro

When my family started traveling to Bali over 15 years ago my mother met a local batik tailor - Erik. They struck up a friendship, and before long the first items designed by my mother, hand batiked and crafted by Erik were sold in a shop in Seminyak. This initial collaboration grew into the Cloe Cassandro brand, born from Cloe’s inspiration from her parents and the desire to support improved livelihoods for the skilled artisans and tailors of Bali. We now collaborate with an increasing number of artisans in Bali, and India, to create our handcrafted collections. Each piece exhibits the incredible skills, culture, heritage and creativity of those who make them. Each piece is completely unique.
Happy Worker
Non-toxic Dyes
Cruelty Free
Skilled Artisan
Ethical Leader
Responsible Packaging
Independent Brand

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Cloe Cassandro collection at Wolf & Badger.

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