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Daughters of the Sun Swim

Inspired by nature, our craft was born from a ray of light. Like Mother Nature's, our creations are one of a kind. We hand pick every stone, leaning into their uniqueness so each piece is as exceptional as the Daughters of the Sun. All of the products are designed and crafted in Mexico City, focusing on the quality and individuality of each piece, we hand pick and source all of our materials locally. Our artisanal process only allows us to produce in small batches, mitigating the impact we have on the planet. Radiating the power within them, The Daughters of the Sun are the untamed women whose souls are full of light. The adventurers, sun-seekers, and wave catchers. Wild at heart and forever dancing spirits. Dive into our universe. We’ve been waiting for you. 

Daughters of the Sun Swim's sustainability and ethical guarantees: