Doriane van Overeem - Made in Belgium

Florals and ruffles mixed with daring statements, vivid colours and unusual textures make up DvO's signature style. It is best described as "grunge-chic": a combination of quality materials and surprising punkish details that reinforce the non-conformist and audacious attitude of the brand. The brand creates a romantic yet punk universe, where insolence finally meets elegance. Her creations are not just plain clothes; they actually question society, its insatiable consumerism and treatment of women. DvO supports slow fashion with bi-annual collections that are fully prototyped and manufactured in Belgium. Our brand values know-how and irreproachable finishes to counter mass consumption and raise public awareness of labour inequalities.Furthermore, the collections are developed around a woman's ambivalence: the DvO woman is bold and charismatic, yet not afraid to show her emotions and embrace her moments of weakness and learn from them. Most of all, she is a woman who grows with the brand over the years in the same way the collections evolve.

VAT: 0632475236