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High Heel Jungle by Kathryn Eisman

With designs adorned in playful prints, plush cashmere, glinting infusions of glitter, bold patch embellishments, Italian lace and liquid Satin tights, High Heel Jungle is a cult sock and hosiery label that distills the spirit of the modern, style-minded individual who isn’t afraid to make a statement with their second drawer. This cult brand loved for their unique "where did you get that" designs, hand crafted workmanship and fine unique fabrications. The brainchild of Kathryn Eisman, Emmy Award-nominated Style Guru, High Heel Jungle brings back joy and self expression to getting dressed. Distilled with a motto of ‘life’s short, wear what makes you happy!’, Kathryn's mission steadily pulses through every stitch and thread of the brands utterly head-turning designs. 

High Heel Jungle by Kathryn Eisman's sustainability and ethical guarantees: