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EMBRACING THE LIFE FORCE OF NATURE, FROM SEED TO SKIN, FROM OUR FARM TO YOU For more than 35 years, Jurlique has followed the same meticulous path, from the seeds we plant to the products that reach your skin. This path was laid down by our founders, Ulrike and Jurgen Klein, inspired by a vision to create high-performing, pure, and natural skincare in the purest place on earth, Adelaide Hills, South Australia. We gently harvest each plant by hand – at the moment of its peak – to extract its essence, bottle the intense power, and deliver an undiluted force of Nature to your skin. "We believe in the power of nature and that the land is infinitely more powerful than any laboratory - our dream is to connect people back to Nature" - Ulrike Klein, Jurlique Founder
Carbon Reduction
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Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Jurlique collection at Wolf & Badger.

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