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Karrah Jewellery

Karrah Jewellery is a U.K based Demi-Fine jewellery brand, co-founded by sisters Karima and Rahima in 2019. We believe in creating high-quality effortless everyday jewellery, inspired by cultural heritage from around the world. We constantly strive to make high-quality luxury jewellery, which is versatile and can be effortlessly styled for every day. We aspire to create sustainable jewellery to last for years to come, enabling you to create modern heirlooms of your own. Our jewellery is perfect for everyday wear and to be stacked to celebrate and bring out your individuality. We love to incorporate our passion for travel and cultural heritage in our jewellery with an aim to preserve the traditional art of jewellery-making with a touch of modern minimalism.
Re/Upcycled Materials
Ethical Leader
Happy Worker
Independent Brand
Skilled Artisan