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Nikki and Me by Nikki Gewirtz

Nikki's passion for design started with quite a story. It took her from making jewellery for her friends, to creating her first company: Lola Rose. After 22 years, millions of gemstones, hours of QVC shows, and an MBE later. It's now time for Nikki's next adventure: Nikki and Me. Still all of the personality, fun and colour you’d expect from Nikki – now adorned with greater confidence, and shaped by more experience. Nikki and Me is here to bring a sparkle to your day that won’t go unnoticed. Pieces for you that are beautifully designed, easy to love, and perfect as a gift. Every creation starts with a unique gemstone from our vast collection, making each one as individual as you. However you layer, stack or style it, express yourself and make every look your own.