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Ragni Agarwal Designs

Ragni Agarwal is a RADical Multidisciplinary Artist + Designer who celebrates the weirdos & their neurodivergent brains, questions everything, chases palettes and blooms at her own pace. Born out of necessity and driven by a pop art aesthetic, art is my compass through the unpredictable landscape of my mind. Being creative isn’t an option for me. It is a necessity. It is my therapy. Mental health, body (dis)illusions and self destructive thoughts and behaviors are the focus of my work. I do not believe in societal pressures or definitions of beauty, and through my work I am a part of the counterculture redressing this issue. I draw women in all their beautiful forms, shapes, sizes and colors. They are the epitome of creativity. I am woman and this is my journey.

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Ragni Agarwal Designs collection at Wolf & Badger.

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