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Creating A Circular Economy With Thrift+

by Wolf & Badger

We caught up with fashion re-sale platform, Thrift+, to hear more about how to give your unwanted clothes a new lease of life and the importance of creating a circular fashion economy. 

What’s Thrift+’s mission? 

We're on a mission to reduce fashion waste. Our aim is to make re-selling and buying second-hand clothes as easy as possible so that we can reduce the millions of tonnes of textiles that are landfilled or incinerated every single day. 

How did Thrift+ start? 

In 2014, Joe Metcalfe left his 9-5 to create the first ever Click & Collect app for high street charity retailers, Charity Street. After 2 successful years of bringing charity shops online, Joe shifted his focus to providing a hassle-free marketplace to re-sell clothes and to challenge fast fashion. 

In 2017, Thrift+ was born with the ultimate aim of giving second-hand clothing a second life and using fashion for good. 

How does Thrift+ work? 

Thrift+ is all about re-sale without the hassle. All you do is pick up a ThriftBag in-store, fill it with your unwanted clothes and post it back to Thrift+ for free. Thrift+ will then do the rest in their solar powered warehouse - they will quality check, photograph and list your clothes for sale online. 

You’ll also be able to donate a percentage of the sale proceeds to a charity of your choice, whilst earning credits to use on the Thrift+ website. As a little bonus – you’ll also get a 10% off Wolf & Badger code to use online or in-store. 

Why is it important to create a circular fashion economy? 

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 20% of water waste - couple this with the fact around 350,000 tonnes of clothes, go to landfill every year in the UK - it’s clear we need to rethink how we view our clothes. 

Creating a circular fashion economy means we can keep clothes out of landfill, reduce their cost to the planet and respect the people that made them. What’s not to love? 

How do Wolf & Badger and Thrift+ work together?

Wolf & Badger is all about ethical, independent and slow fashion - clothes made to last and be re-worn for years. At Thrift+ we can ensure these quality clothes get a second life - without any faff. 

Giving your unwanted clothes a new lease of life not only helps power the circular economy but also means you can raise money for your favourite causes (as well as get a little bit back too!). 

With Thrift+ recently winning a Draper’s Sustainable Fashion Award for being ‘ahead of the game in powering the take-back and re-sale services for the fashion industry’* - this partnership was a natural match. Together, we hope to accelerate the fashion industry’s transition to a circular economy.